Altogether Awesome!

The Altogether Awesomeness of Girl Scout Cookies is upon us! Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is so much more than meets the eye. Girls who participate reap a harvest of business skills each cookie season. They gain a glimpse into the business AltogetherAwesome_Logoworld through the cookie program each year. Participating in the program provides a wealth of experience you may not notice at first glance.

What do girls do in the cookie sale?

They “earn and learn” – they earn funds for their Girl Scout activities while learning 5 key skills that will help them in business and life.

  • They learn to set goals and meet deadlines. That means your daughter won’t tell you last minute that her science fair project is due tomorrow.
  • They learn to work will with others. That means your daughter will do better on school projects or as a member of a sports team.
  • They learn to talk and listen to all kinds of people. That means your daughter will be able to ask a teacher for help or navigate the school cafeteria more easily.
  • They learn how to handle money and make decisions about how to use it. That means your daughter will learn about spending, saving, and giving to those in need.
  • They learn to act honestly and fairly. That means your daughter’s friends, classmates, and teachers will count on her and think of her as trustworthy.

Meet Digital Cookie!

The Digital Cookie®   platform helps girls superpower their cookie sales as they go beyond the booth with mobile and online channels. The platform is a fun, educational tool that helps your daughter run and manage her Girl Scout Cookie business online. That means more way for her to learn and more ways to buy and support her success. It also means more opportunities to power new, unique, and amazing experiences that help her learn essential life skills, soar in confidence, discover the leader within, and have a ton of fun!

Join us in January for the Cookie Rally in your area. Find out more about GSCI’s Cookie Program and get to know the cookie baker.

Please contact customer care at or 888-623-1237.

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Start the New Year with Community Service

It’s the New Year’s resolution to end all New Year’s resolutions, and it’s so, so Girl Scouts! GSCI Mural 4This year, do things a little differently, and resolve to give back to yourself by giving back to others. That’s right. We’re calling for a resolution of service! Because when you help others, you just can’t begin to imagine how much good it actually does for your own soul. It’s really the best kind of win-win.

And it doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, it’s really the accumulation of all the small ways we can be of service to others every day that can make our lives significantly brighter and more meaningful, while helping us feel more connected within our communities. In 2018, what do you say we all resolve to make the world a better place, together, by committing to practice these powerful and simple acts of service to others as often as possible?

  1. Be kind, particularly to those who are not exactly your cup of tea, so to speak. It might be hard, but it will be meaningful.
  2. Be gentle with the environment. Avoid littering, recycle, and regularly sign up for community cleanups. The more we do to keep the outdoors in good shape, the more we can all enjoy it!
  3. Show compassion. Sometimes that’s the greatest gift we can offer someone.
  4. Practice good manners. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way in making others feel appreciated and respected.
  5. Be helpful as much and as often as possible. Help create a sense of community wherever you go.
  6. Listen more. Sometimes all people truly want is to be heard, and to know they matter.
  7. Volunteer once a month—or more if you can. Learn about volunteering with us—it’s important work and so much fun!
  8. Give out lots of compliments, just because. Make someone’s day with the simplest acknowledgement of a great smile, a fun outfit, or an inspiring talent.
  9. Speaking of smiling, do it more often. It makes everyone feel good—even you!
  10. Leave notes of encouragement for family, friends, and coworkers. The right words can always make a day brighter.
  11. Forgive someone who has slighted you, even if you don’t feel they deserve it. It might move them to show the same compassion to someone else.
  12. Hold the door open for someone and give them the gift of feeling special, even if just for a few seconds.
  13. Strike up a conversation with a shy person and help them come out of their shell a little. Just because they’re not one to initiate conversation doesn’t mean they don’t have a story they’d like to share.
  14. Reach out to a friend you know is going through something hard and offer to spend time with them, or just listen. People won’t always reach out for help, but they will often accept it with open arms when it’s offered.
  15. Bake some goodies for an elderly neighbor, and hand-deliver them. Sit and chat a while. Let them share stories and feel the joy of friendship.

GSUSA blog post December 20, 2017

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What Girl Scouts Means to Me!

What today’s girls say about being in Girl Scouts

Being a Girl Scout means that I get to help and educate people, learn new things about the world, and have fun while I do it.
Tory, 13

We have a lot of fun. Once we  learned some sign language and about respecting authority. We often talk about behavior in terms of Girl Scouts, such as “Is that what a Girl Scout would do?” or “That’s being a good Girl Scout.” I have a great leader!
Olivia, 10

To me Girl Scouts has been a great experience, especially working on my Gold Award. I’ve learned so much about team work, leadership, responsibility, communication … Girl Scouts has been a great outlet for me for all these years, not to mention the cookies are delicious!
Grace, 17

As a Girl Scout I have stepped out of my comfort zone and helped others. It means doing things for people other than yourself and feeling good about it. Plus, we get to do a lot of fun exciting things like camping, visiting museums and senior centers, and go horseback riding and Christmas caroling.
Emily, 13

I have met a lot of people through Girl Scouts who I would never have met before. It has opened my eyes and shown me that I can make a difference.
Katie, 14

It’s fun and we learn new things every day.
Emma, 7

Girl Scouts has been the place for me to take chances. I have more confidence in myself because of the risks I have taken and accomplishments I have made. I am really proud of what I have contributed.
Mikayla, 9

To me, Girl Scouting means helping people, making a difference, and changing the world.
Jenna, 8

I get to help out my community and help other people when they need it. I love Girl Scouts because it lets me try new things, visit different places, and give back to my town. Our troop adopted a sister troop in Germany. We share things that we have done as a Girl Scout troop in America with that troop in then and they teach us stuff that they have learned — that is pretty cool.
Charlotte, 10

I realize that Girl Scouts is much more than what society sees us to be: young girls selling cookies, singing campfire songs, and wearing vests. Girl Scouts is about making new friends, creating amazing memories, and helping the community. It’s about different girls working together to try and better the environment around them, as well as better themselves along the way.
Shelia, Girl Scout Leader

Girl Scouts means that I can build confidence and character while having fun selling cookies and doing fun projects. I loved being in Girl Scouts for all these years and encourage all girls to try being a Girl Scout!
Arianna, 17

Girl Scouts has been a huge part of my life and my development. I am involved in a lot of activities, but when it came to writing college essays, my Girl Scout experiences is where I pulled all the leadership accomplishments from. When I sat down and thought about it, that is where I was able to lead and make real changes in my community.
Elizabeth, 16

Being a Girl Scout allows me to be with my friends and enjoy time that we all spend together growing up. It also teaches me to demonstrate leadership skills and help younger Girl Scouts achieve their goals. It has helped me become the young woman I am today.
Melissa, 14

Girl Scouts means everything to me because it isn’t always about you. It is about teamwork. For example, before the first day of school, our troop used teamwork by getting dirt from the pile or shoveling and putting the flowers in their hole in the ground. Also, my leaders will make sure there is nothing ever too easy or hard. It will always be just right for you.
Bella, 12

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Are you up for the challenge of changing lives this summer?

Camp Tap Former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, summed it up when he described his days as a summer camp counselor as some of the most valuable leadership training he has ever had.

From the outside looking in, many people see the camp counselor role as an extension of ones camper years or an opportunity to take the “summer off.” Little do they know that being a camp counselor is the hardest job one will ever have until becoming a parent themselves. Hot days, non-stop schedules, campers pushing limits and high expectation of following camp policies and protocols are just the start, however, all of this is nothing compared to the rewards one internalizes after the summer has faded.

We are looking for responsible, enthusiastic, creative team players who are comfortable in a rustic outdoor setting and seek out challenging adventures to be part of our summer camp staff. There will be some long, hot days, but what other job lets you be a part of forever changing the life of a girl? We provide training, certifications, leadership opportunities, and room and board at most camps. You’ll gain leadership experience, lifelong friends, problem-solving skills, confidence, and be a part of a great team of leaders guiding young women to success. Think you’re up to the challenge of changing lives? Learn more about summer camp jobs! 

There are so many benefits to working at a camp, so we’ve gathered 13 reasons why you should work at a camp for a summer:

1. You get to be a role model.
For however long you have the opportunity to interact with the campers, you quickly become one of the coolest (and most influential) people in their lives. Camp counselors especially have the opportunity to impact campers because of the amount of time spent with their kids. True bonds can form when you least expect them to: at the high dive at the pool, at the top of the zip line, tubing on the lake, or in the cabin late at night when homesickness sets in.

2. You get to unplug.
Among the woods and lakes, you might not find much Wi-Fi, but you’ll find plenty of nature just begging you to unplug and enjoy. Surrounding yourself with the
beauty of the great outdoors only helps with this. 

3. Crafts to the max.
Never tie-dyed a shirt before? No problem. Camp is a great time to learn (or perfect) tie-dying skills, tie thousands of tiny knots until your wrists are loaded with friendship bracelets, and make too many dream catchers. 

4. Boost your resume.
Through the experiences you have working for a camp, you will be able to proudly put on your resume that you not only survived a summer working for a camp but thrived in the environment as well. Former camp counselors are great communicators, life-long learners, leaders, team players, and creative thinkers, just to name a few.

5. You truly make a difference.
There are so many benefits to working at a camp, including making a difference.

6. Life-long friendships.
Within just a few days of arriving at camp for the beginning of the summer training sessions, you will meet some awesome people. Just think, your co-workers are some of the best, simply by them being there: they gave up their summer (just like you) to learn, grow, and impact others’ lives as well. Life-long friendships are bound to develop as you live and work.

8. Interview material.
After spending a summer at camp, you will surely find out some strengths and weaknesses for you to talk about in an interview, not to mention the crazy stories you can share

9. Peer networking.
Not all of your co-workers will be elementary education majors. In fact, you will meet a plethora of majors who have done the same thing you have: sought out a beyond-the-typical summer job. An awesome time to expand your peer networking to individuals from all over and from all walks of life.

10. Fresh air.
Believe it or not, the great outdoors can give you a sense of relaxation and recharge. Finding time to enjoy a more leisurely life by embracing the early sunrise and sitting up late under a sky full of stars can do more for you than you might have ever imagined. A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? 😉

11. You get paid to be crazy.
Now, our definitions of crazy may be different, but as a staff member for a camp, you get to participate in Wacky Wednesday, dress up crazy for skits, be the leader in the daily dance party, and genuinely show your campers how to have a good time.

12. You hone your leadership skills.
There are plenty of opportunities to improve your leadership skills by working for a camp because, at one point or another, you will be asked to lead. Whether you are leading other staff members or a handful of campers, you will be looked up to for direction and wisdom.

13. You will learn so much about yourself.
As awesome as camp life is, it also is challenging. You may not know how to deal with a situation with a camper, your co-counselor for the week might not be the most compatible with your sense of humor, and some days might seem like they drag on forever—is it lights out yet?! However, it is moments like these where your true colors shine. You will learn so much about yourself and, at the end of the summer, will be able to look back and be proud of all that you made it through.

Apply today!

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What is G.I.R.L. Agenda?

Inspire. Prepare. Mobilize.

Our time is now.

This is our moment to come together, lift our voices, and take action on issues that Girl Agendamatter to girls. Today is the day we unite to build an even brighter future for all of us.

Be a catalyst for change in your community—and the world. Champion your views, influence leadership, and advance the G.I.R.L. Agenda to make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) launched the G.I.R.L. Agenda Powered by Girl Scouts, a nonpartisan initiative to inspire, prepare, and mobilize girls and those who care about them to lead positive change through civic action. The multi-year effort celebrates the Girl Scout legacy of civic engagement, and for the first time ever, GSUSA is sharing free, expert-curated civic engagement resources beyond its 2.6 million members. The resources are derived from Girl Scout programming that has driven generations of girls over the past century to become leaders.

Introduced at G.I.R.L. 2017, a gathering of girls and women from around the world, the G.I.R.L. Agenda makes it simple to access civic engagement resources that are tailored to prepare every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to stand up for what they believe in. The tools provide a roadmap for how people can take action in ways such as challenging unfair policies, mobilizing communities to support important causes, and meeting with public officials and community leaders to educate them about key issues. By making age-appropriate resources based on GSUSA’s proven programming accessible to all, and by providing actionable steps people can take through Girl Scouts’ advocacy network to help people influence policy issues that affect girls, the G.I.R.L. Agenda will give hundreds of thousands of girls and adults tangible ways to take civic action on topics of their choosing.

There has been increased attention around civic engagement in the United States since the 2016 presidential election: according to a study by the Pew Research Center, more than half of Americans are paying more attention to politics since the election, including nearly six in ten women (58 percent). However, research also shows that the public education system is not creating an adequate civic education foundation for all youth, and a Girl Scout Research Institute poll found that just 38 percent of girls say their teachers have encouraged them to pursue politics and community leadership.

Since its founding in 1912, Girl Scouts has emphasized the importance of being civically engaged, by teaching and encouraging girls to create positive change in their communities through advocacy and action. Girl Scouts learn to stand up for what they believe in, identify issues they care about, and take the lead like a G.I.R.L. to make the world a better place. The G.I.R.L. Agenda is for all those who support girls in standing up for issues and causes that are important to them.

Also part of the initiative, Girl Scouts announces its new Good Neighbor badge for Daisies (girls in grades K–1). It joins the organization’s existing Citizen badges—Celebrating Community, Inside Government, Finding Common Ground, Behind the Ballot, and Public Policy—which engage girls in age-appropriate activities involving community service, public policy, government, voting, and more. These badges are designed to foster girls’ interest in civic engagement and show them that their voices canbe heard. And by exploring the themes in an all-girl environment, girls build the confidence they need to become the civic-minded leaders our world needs.

“Many people, including girls, want to become active in public policy and learn how to advocate for positive change, but they don’t know where to start,” said GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo. “Through the G.I.R.L. Agenda and our proven civic-engagement programming, Girl Scouts serves as a nonpartisan resource for girls—and those who care about them―to learn concrete steps they can take to stand up for what they believe in. For more than a century, Girl Scouts has supported girls by offering tools that prepare them to lead, lift their voices, champion their views, and be advocates for the issues and ideas important to them. We’re excited to share resources on, so people can learn how to take action for the cause of good in their communities. Because when we take small, yet meaningful steps together—across generations—we ignite a larger, lasting impact on our world.”

To amplify the reach and impact of the civic engagement resources, GSUSA has assembled media partners, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals to publicly support the G.I.R.L. Agenda. Among those championing the initiative are Accenture, Amazon, Dell, Girls Who Code, Girls Write Now, Global Citizen, Google’s Made with Code, Motorola Solutions Foundation, She Should Run, S’well, TD Bank, and Too Small to Fail.

Throughout the coming months, GSUSA will share stories from G.I.R.L. Agenda supporters who are advocating for girls and the issues they care about. This will include the experiences of past and present National Young Women of Distinction, the top Gold Award Girl Scouts recognized nationally for transforming an idea and vision for change into an actionable plan with sustainable and far-reaching impact. If the public wishes to share such stories on social media, they should include #GIRLagenda.

To advance the G.I.R.L. Agenda and for tips on leading positive change through civic action, visit

 – Girl Scouts of the USA 

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Summer Camp Registration Opens December 6!

This summer, give your girl the opportunity to camp #LikeAGirlScout! At Girl 500x655 Summer camp 2018Scout summer camp, she’ll face her fears and try new things, explore the great outdoors, build up her problem solving skills, and make a lifetime of memories with great friends. And guess what? Any girl can attend summer camp, so bring a friend and embark on this incredible adventure.

Camp registration opens December 6!

Surprise! All girls who register for camp from December 6 through December 22 may pick up a small gift for the holidays at the Trefoil Boutique at your nearest service center.

The gift must be picked up during regular boutique hours. Unfortunately, we are unable to mail the gift. Offer ends December 22, and all gifts must be picked up by noon. To redeem gift, show e-mail receipt at time of redemption. One gift per girl.

Need help or got questions? Call Customer Care at 888-623-1237 or email

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Giving Back Everyday

Today, November 28 is a Day of Giving. A resolution that Girl Scouts are attuned to every 500x655-Giv Tues2017NEWday of the year in making the world a better place.

From singlehandedly picking up trash on Earth Day. To laying a wreath at a Memorial Day service.

To making birthday bags for a food pantry. Making Thanksgiving bags for families at their school. Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and adding to their troop’s seven years of community service.

To helping host a weekly pet food pantry while working on their Bronze Award. To going for the Gold.

To simply giving a hand at their own camp.

Girl Scouts know the value of giving back and take great pride in their role.

So this #GivingTuesday, please consider a gift to Girl Scouts of Central Illinois. Because when you give to Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts give back.

#GivingTuesday #GSCIGivesBack #ILGive #DecatuILGivingTuesday #GivingTuesdayBloNo

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Grow Your Girl Scout Troop

What’s even more fun than a new year of Girl Scouts? Welcoming new girls to your op cat (2)troop! After all, new members bring fresh ideas, different ways of looking at things, and excitement that can spark creativity and energize everyone. Plus, introducing new friends to Girl Scouting allows existing members to flex their leadership skills and build confidence. Basically, everybody wins!

Though you may already be a few months into the new school year, it’s still the perfect time to get more girls involved in your troop’s adventures. Get ready to recruit some fresh faces with these tried-and-true tips from Marissa Vessels, who writes for Girl Scouts of Northern California’s blog The Trailhead:

1. Host a Bring-a-Friend meeting.

It’s common that your girls might want to invite their friends to troop meetings to see what Girl Scouts is all about! So lean into your girls’ natural desire to be social and host a special “Bring-a-Friend” meeting for your troop (or just designate certain meetings throughout the year as being open for friends).

When hosting a Bring-a-Friend meeting, it’s important that the meeting is authentic to your troop’s Girl Scout experience. If your troop is full of outdoor adventurers, a meeting filled with crafts and games may not be the best way to attract the girls that are right for your group. And if your girls are a little more on the low-key side, your troop trip to a theme park might not be the right event for potential new Girl Scouts to experience. Instead, plan a meeting that will allow for lots of interaction between the girls, down time for you to talk to the potential new parents, and a fun activity that is true to your troop’s interests.

2. Add your troop to the Opportunity Catalog.

Did you know that there are thousands of girls all over the country waiting to find the perfect troop, and likely hundreds right in your area? We need to do our part to help these girls find their homes in Girl Scouts! Many councils have a troop Opportunity Catalog—an online listing that provides detailed information about the troops in your area that have open spots available. The troop catalog is the perfect opportunity to tell new members about what your troop likes to do and what makes you, you. You’ll fill in all of the details about the age levels of your girls, when you meet, and what kinds of activities you enjoy, which will help new Girl Scouts and volunteers find their perfect match. Check with your council on how to make sure you’re there.

3. Have your girls rock their Girl Scout swag on meeting days (and share their Girl Scout story).

No matter how old your girls are, wearing their uniforms or other Girl Scout logo merchandise out and about is a powerful way to recruit new members for your troop. Not only are these items symbols of pride, they tell a story of girls’ unique experiences—the skills they’ve learned, the adventures they’ve gone on—and it’s hard for friends not to ask about it. Encourage your girls to don their Girl Scout duds at school, back-to-school night, and out in the community on days that they have Girl Scout events to attend, and you’re sure to pique interest.

4. Invite your friends and their girls to attend Service Unit or Council events with you.

There’s something magical about the Girl Scout sisterhood, isn’t there? So what better way to recruit new members than to invite your friends and their girls to join along for a Service Unit or Council event to get a taste of the wider Girl Scout community! From building robots to singing songs around the campfire, there are opportunities for every girl in Girl Scouts, no matter what her interests are.

Whether we’re environmental champions, budding entrepreneurs, or passionate about changing the world, the next opportunity to stand up, speak up, and take the lead is never far away. So round up your favorite friends and invite them to see why Girl Scouts is the best place for their girls to grow into the confident, courageous, and strong women of tomorrow, today. (Seriously, what parent can say no to that?)

5. Hand out physical invitations for girls to share with their friends.

Your girls are by far your best recruiters. Make it easy for their friends to join in on the fun by giving out a handful of physical invitations for your girls to pass out at school, in the community, clubs, church, sports practice, dance classes, back-to-school night, student government meetings, and, well, you get the idea!

Your invitation should include space for your girl to write her name, her friend’s name, meeting details (date, time, and location), and your troop leader’s contact information.

 – GSUSA Blog, September 24, 2017
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Take the G.I.R.L. Agenda Pledge

Through your dedication to the girls you serve every day, you’ve already shown us that 500x655-2 GIRL pledgeyou believe in the power of every girl to stand up, speak out, and accomplish amazing things. Help us unleash that power in more girls today by pledging to add one or more girls to your troop!

We believe there is a place at the table for every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™. And we know you believe it, too!

Together we can accomplish amazing things and build a better world for all of us, so let’s get to it! And when you recruit more girls, you reinvigorate your troop with new excitement, ideas, and potential, all while giving more girls the opportunity to unleash their G.I.R.L. to embark on a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure. That means more unstoppable change-makers and more futures superpowered!

Between November 1 and November 15, 2017, take the Girl Scout Agenda pledge to add one or more new Girl Scouts to your troop by March 1, 2018, and tell us how your troop is working to advance the G.I.R.L. Agenda in your community.

The G.I.R.L. Agenda is our nationwide initiative to elevate every voice in the advancement of girls’ leadership and status in the world. By pledging to add at least one new girl to your troop, you’ll help even more girls spark positive change through civic engagement.

Four grand prize winners will be randomly selected to have their story shared on Girl Scouts of the USA’s Facebook page on Thanksgiving Day and receive a FREE limited-edition G.I.R.L. Agenda patch for their troop. Additionally, 600 prize winners will be randomly selected to receive the patch only. SWEET!

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Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low!

Today we celebrate a special day for Girl Scouts across the nation. Not only is today one of the most imaginative and fun days of the year, but today is also Founder’s Day – the 157th birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, who created and started the Girl Scouts movement in 1912.  Juliette Gordon Low was a courageous woman who eschewed the sentiment of her time and taught girls that they could truly change the world through acts of kindness. Before women could vote, own property, or even work outside of their own homes, Juliette was teaching girls how to transform themselves into confident, independent, successful, and hardworking individuals in order to bring their dreams to life. Here are a few fun facts about our founder:

 After meeting with Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low was inspired to create the Girl Scouts. She devoted the rest of her life to ensure the formation of Girl Scout troops in America, using her own fortune to fund the Girl Scouts in its early years.

 Born in Savannah, Georgia, Juliette Gordon Low had the nickname “Daisy” and her birthplace was later registered as a National Landmark in 1965.

 Low’s first “Girl Guide” troops were started in Scotland and London. The name was later changed to Girl Scouts after moving the program to the United States.

 She was the second born of six children.

 She married William Mackay Low and they had homes in both London and the United States.

 In 2012, Barack Obama posthumously awarded Juliette Gordon Low with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest civilian award in the United States.

 As a child, she experienced several ear injuries, resulting in nearly complete hearing loss which affected the rest of her life.

 She had a keen interest in athletics, the arts, and nature – attributes she included in the Girl Scout movement.

 Her niece was the first registered Girl Scout in Savannah, Georgia when the Girl Scout movement started in the United States in 1912

 Juliette Gordon Low passed away on January 27, 1917 at her home in Savannah, Georgia after a long and private battle with breast cancer.

So on this special day, we say happy birthday to an incredible woman and visionary who created the Girl Scout movement for us. We can honor her memory by continuing to work towards our dreams and complete acts of good citizenship.

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