Cookie Selling Safety

It’s always good to know the Ten Basic Cookie Program Safety Guidelines to ensuresafety
that Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers can sell cookies safely while having tons of fun!

  1. Show you’re a Girl Scout Wear your Girl Scout membership pin and/or Girl Scout uniform or related clothing to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  2. Buddy up Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe, it’s also more fun!
  3. Be streetwise Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling.
  4. Partner with adults Adults must accompany Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors when they are taking orders, selling, delivering cookies. Girls in grades 6-12 must be supervised by an adult when selling door-to-door and must never sell alone. Adults should be present at cookie booths in public places at all times.
  1. Plan ahead Always have a plan for safeguarding money. Avoid walking around with large amounts of cash and do not keep it at home or school. Give proceeds to your leader as soon as possible.
  2. Do not enter Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles and avoid walking in alleys.
  3. Sell in the daytime Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  4. Protect privacy Girl’s names, addresses, or email addresses should never be given out to customers. Use a group contact number or addresses overseen by an adult when customers request information for re-orders. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information except for the product sale. Girls should never take credit card numbers.
  5. Be safe on the road Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.
  6. Be net-wise Take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before going online and follow guidelines related to online marketing. Girl Scouts cannot collect money online.
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Bling Your Booth and One More Bite Contests

Bling Your Booth Contest
Banish the boring! If you want to attract lots of customers, it’s time to “bling” your cookie blingbooth. Anything fun, bright, colorful, energetic, and artistic will bring customers running to your booth. Be creative and “bling” on!

The Bling Your Booth contest is being held by Girl Scouts of the USA.
Dates: January 5, 2015 – April 20, 2015
Prize: $500 for the winning troop from GSUSA

How to Participate:

  • Have a booth sale between January 5 and April 30, 2015
  • Creatively decorate your cookie booth
  • Take a photo of your troop in action at your booth
  • Upload the photo to the GSUSA Facebook page – must include troop number, name of council, and cookie goal on the online entry form and use hashtags #BlingYourBooth and #Girl ScoutsCentralIL
  • Entrants and Facebook community members may vote on their favorite submission once per hour

One More Bite
No secret stash is safe! Is your Girl Scout Cookie stash getting low? Enter Girl Scouts ofonemorebite the USA’s #onemorebite photo challenge and a year supply of Girl Scout Cookies could be yours!

The One More Bite contest is being held by Girl Scouts of the USA.
Dates: February 5, 2015 – March 5, 2015
Prize: 1-year supply (52 boxes) of Girl Scout cookies of your choice

How to Participate

  • Follow @Girlscouts on Instagram
    Upload a creative photo of/with a Girl Scout cookie to Instagram using the hashtag #OneMoreBite
  • Entrants are limited to submitting one photograph per 24-hour period
  • Entrants and Facebook community members may vote on their favorite submission once per hour
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How to Support your Girl Scout During the Cookie Program

cookie gsFamily support is the key to success. Girls have greater success in the Girl Scout Cookie Program when family adults are informed and involved. These tips will help you turn “cookie time” into “family time” and provide important ways you can guide and support her to cookie success!

  1. Make sure your Girl Scout is a registered member of Girl Scouts of Central Illinois for the current Girl Scout membership year.
  2. Attend her troop/group cookie training. Be sure to ask the cookie volunteer for your Girl Scout’s troop or group how you can help with meetings or with other tasks.
  3. Understand the 5 Skills for Girls and how they impact your Girl Scout.
  4. Work with her to set goals and track her progress. Encourage her to set up an account on COCO, your Girl Scout’s online Cookie Command for goal setting, planning, and marketing.
  5. Encourage her to make a telephone or email contact list of her friends and family. She can create and send e-cards in the Online Cookie Marketing section of COCO.
  6. Review and discuss Cookie Activity Safety Guidelines.
  7. Coach her in selling techniques, including how to share her goals, and suggest additional reasons to purchase cookies.
  8. Accompany your Girl Scout to support her as she sells.
  9. Discuss how you can help her reach her goals, such as giving rides when she needs them or safeguarding her cookie money. Remember, closing the sale is her responsibility.
  10. Allow your Girl Scout to participate in a booth saleand volunteer to help. Ask friends, vendors, and colleagues if they will allow a booth sale at their location and/or be a driver or a supervising adult for a booth sale.
  11. Check on her progress during the sale. Help her live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law and discuss how it applies to business ethics throughout the activity.
  12. Let your friends know how proud you are of your Girl Scout and her participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Check out Girl Scout Shouts, a collection of fun badges and art designed for sharing via social media or printing.
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5 Skills and the Girl Scout Leadership Program

#1 Goal Setting
I know I can do it!
We’re all about trying new things and having fun, and selling Girl Scout cookies is about both. Girls work together to set team goals for the season—perhapsCarmel deLite to donate to local community projects, complete community service, or go on an adventure. Participating in the cookie program is great for girls – but what they do with their proceeds can be even greater.

#2 Decision Making
I make smarter decisions!
When girls sell cookies, they make their own decisions, such as how many boxes they want to sell.  The troop agrees on what they want to do with their cookie proceeds, which means talking it out and negotiating group decisions. They figure out how to solve problems when they arise. Their decisions matter.

#3 Money Management
I make change happen!
Girls learn to handle money responsibly and carefully count change. They count it out twice, so they know they are totally right.  And they know each box sold is one step closer to their goal.

#4 People Skills
Girls get a lifetime of confidence with every box! Girls meet many new people with selling cookies. They get really good at chatting with them about how they do more in Girl Scouting than just sell cookies. They earn money to achieve the goals set by their troop and go great things for themselves and the community.

#5 Business Ethics
Selling cookies is more than just a business!
Girls learn to make business decisions during the cookie program. They practice being customer-service friendly, being fair and honest with their customers, and meeting or exceeding goals.

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Girl Scout Cookie Program for Juliettes

cookie timeThe Girl Scout Cookie Program has grown into a leading business and economic literacy program that is run by and for girls. The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five key skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Your most important function in preparing for the Girl Scout Cookie Program will be the time you spend with your Girl Scout. Through the cookie program, even the youngest Girl Scouts gain self-confidence and poise by learning how to greet customers and offer cookies for purchase.

A direct sale format provides your Girl Scout with more opportunities in sales and troop profit. Girls earn Cookie Dough and recognitions throughout the entire program, including during cookie booths. This means that girls will earn more Cookie Dough and recognitions and parents/guardians will save lots of time—only one transaction is required when girls have cookies in-hand! Returning to customers’ homes after an order has been placed is now a thing of the past.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great responsibility – it could not happen without you. We are confident you will find the experience to be both enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for your support and dedication to the success of the program.

Please take time to thoroughly review the 2015 Juliette Cookie Guide. This guide will inform you of the many new improvements to our program and will answer most of your questions. Also, please don’t forget to complete the Parent Permission Form for your participation.

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How Do Cookie Proceeds Benefit Girls?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program   is vital to GSCI’s mission of building girls of courage, Cookie Booths confidence, and character.

How the Cookie Crumbles – $4.00 per box

  • $0.54 per box – troop profit and bonus
  • $0.24 per box – girl recognitions
  • $0.96 per box – cost of sale
  • $2.26 per box – girl and volunteer services

Funds raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program help pay for many aspects of Girl Scouting:

  • Keeps camp affordable by subsidizing the registration cost
  • Supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which includes girl programming, curriculum, and events
  • Provides grants to girls and troops with financial barriers, so that Girl Scouting is available to all girls
  • Provides volunteer training and materials

Girls also earn proceeds for their individual troop, which are used for troop activities and service projects within their communities.

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Not Just a Box of Cookies

There’s more to Girl Scout cookies than what’s in the box. When a Girl Scout sells you cookies, she’s building a lifetime of skills and confidence. She learns goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics – 5 skills essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program has grown into a leading business and economic literacy program that is run by and for girls. By putting her mind and energies to something, a Girl Scout can overcome any challenge. There are no limits. She can be anything. She can do anything.

A Direct Sale format will provide your troop more opportunity in sales and troop profit. Girls will earn Cookie Dough and recognitions throughout the entire program, including during Cookie Booths. This means that girls will earn more Cookie Dough and recognitions and parents/guardians will save lots of time because cookies in hand means just one transaction. Returning to customers’ homes after an order has been placed is now a thing of the past!

The day girls will have cookies in hand for the Cookie Program will be February 13, 2015. Cookie booths will start February 13, 2015.

Cookie Varieties- $4.00 per box

  • Thin Mints
  • Shortbread
  • Peanut Butter Patties
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Caramel deLites
  • Lemonades
  • Thanks-A-Lots
  • Cranberry Citrus Crisp

Introducing Our New Cookie Trios – Gluten-Free Cookie – Limited Supply

Trios is a cookie with chocolate chips nestled in a gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie. The new Trios are $5.00 per box.

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10 Reasons to “DIVE IN” to GSCI Fall Products with this Year

  1. The Fall Product Program is a great way for troops to earn money early in the Girl
    Scout year. This is especially true for new troops who need start-up supplies. There are
    numerous ways that your troop can earn money through Fall Products:
  • The troop earns $1 for every nut or candy item sold.
  • The troop earns $2 for every address book that a girl fills out completely.Fall Product postcard2014-print-1
  • The troop earns $2.50 for each magazine subscription or photo keepsake sold.
  • Girls can earn “Nutty Bucks” to spend at the nearest Trefoil Boutique on Girl Scout items or programs OR girls can earn fun prizes as they sell more and more items.
  1. Family and friends can now order online and HAVE THE PRODUCTS SHIPPED TO THEM! This year, girls are offered tons of online sale options. If a troop or family wants to, they can participate in the Fall Product Program completely online this year. Not only do girls get to create a custom webpage to sell products to friends and family, but they can also track their goals, send e-mail reminders, and post sale links to an adult’s social media account. Based on last year’s sales, girls who created a custom page were more likely to have higher sales. Family and friends can even shop an expanded online store with access to 600 magazine subscriptions, 25 nut and candy options, and 5 gift tin items.
  2. Girls will learn and develop five essential life skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.
  1. Troops in which each girl participating sells $250 worth of products ($1,250 minimum total) will earn a free night at Camp SOAR, our new camp property!
  1. There is a new option for family and friends to purchase customizable photo keepsakes. People who purchase the keepsake will be able to customize their own photo books, calendars, greeting cards, and more! There are even exclusive Girl Scout themes that can be used on the keepsakes. Each photo book will also come with a digital copy to keep on your phone or tablet.
  1. Fall Products make wonderful holiday gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends, and co-workers.
  1. There are 16 gluten-free nut and candy items available through the digital Fall Product store. Troop customers can shop online to browse a wide variety of items, 16 of which are gluten-free. There are dairy-free and kosher items available as well. Each item is clearly marked for the dietary need it caters to.
  1. The Adopt-a-Soldier Program. Girls are able to sell nuts and magazine subscriptions that will go directly to a soldier serving our country overseas. State farm’s Adopt-a-Soldier program will add these vouchers and nuts to the care packages that go out to military troops in war zones. Girls who sell five or more items for the Adopt-a-Soldier program will earn a special “share” patch.
  2. Online games and activities for girls. Girls can visit to play games relating to the 5 essential life skills taught through the Fall Product program. Girls can learn about customer appreciation, target markets, people skills, decision making, money management and budgeting, teamwork, manners, goal setting, and being environmentally friendly. Girls can also take an adventure down the river with our mascot, Otto the Otter.
  3. Finally, how stinking cute is the otter mascot this year? A fun fact from river otters are actually land-bound most of the time! Their tails help them to balance and they can run up to 18 miles per hour.

To learn more about the Fall Product Program, visit the GSCI product activity website or contact your council service center. Troops can “dive in” and sell from October 3 through October 24, 2014.

Kristen Redmon
Membership Specialist
Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

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Help Your Girl Shine!

Here are five ways you can give your girl with her confidence and relationship skills a boost as she heads back to school:

  1. Let her know it’s ok to put her hand up. Encourage her to speak up when she needs something, and when she has something to say.
  2. Model good communication skills. Good communication skills and the ability to find common ground with others will help her both inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Show her that doing good can be fun. There’s value in helping others. You’ll both get a sense of satisfaction, and she’ll feel pride in your accomplishments.
  4. Encourage her to step outside her comfort zone. It’s never too early to share examples of girls and women who aim high or have entered careers where women are few and far between.
  5. Back her up. When she puts her hand up, asserts herself, or takes the lead, let her know you’re proud of her and will support her.

Need some help with all this? What she does outside of school can set her up for a happy, fun, and productive school year…and beyond.

A recent survey of 3,500 parents, caregivers, and volunteers conducted by Girl Scouts of the USA found that Girl Scouts helps girls build exactly these kinds of skills.


Nine out of ten parents surveyed said that participating in Girl Scouts has:

  • Been a positive activity for their daughter
  • Made their daughter happier and more confident
  • Helped her make friends
  • Let her try new things in a fun, exciting environment
  • Provided a safe, beneficial all-girl environment

All those new experiences and adventures can help with the nuts and bolts at school too. She’ll know she’s having fun and new adventures every time she’s at Girl Scouts, but you’ll know she’s gaining:

  • Important financial literacy skills as she participates in the largest girl-run business in the world—the Girl Scout Cookie Program
  • Skills that will help her in science classes as she builds robots, conducts fun experiments with her friends, or explores the natural world around her
  • Healthy relationship skills that will help her throughout her life, particularly in middle school and high school
  • Leadership skills that will make it easier for her to speak up in class

Need more? Find out how Girl Scout program for girls at every age level dovetails with national and state core curriculum standards. Register your daughter for Girl Scouts today!

Can’t wait to get started? Check out a list of fun activities you can do with your daughter today!


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Girl Scout Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer: a person who does work without getting paid to do it. Merriam-Webster 58340tmakes the word seem easily interpreted,as if it’s the most simple concept.  But at Girl Scouts, we know that volunteerism is not so easily interpreted, and it seems like all the money in the world would not be enough payment for the job that our AMAZING volunteers do!

For well over 100 years, Girl Scouts has relied on the steadfast help of moms, aunts, and grandmothers to fill the roles of volunteer troop leader, cookie mom, carpool organizer, service area leader, and the many, many other jobs filled each and every year by you – our volunteers.  Most recently, we have been blessed with an even larger pool of dedicated volunteers who come from all walks of life and may or may not be related to our very thankful members. Whether you are the mom committed to seeing your daughter create the same phenomenal troop memories of camp and cookies that you may have experienced as a girl, a dad dedicated to help teach your daughter the value of taking great care of our environment, or the employee of a local bank helping to ensure that our members understand the importance of goal setting and the value of a dollar, we recognize that we are not the only potential recipient of your very valuable time, and for that, we say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We couldn’t do it without you. The staff of GSCI and I want you all to know just how much we value the time, talent, and treasures you give to us and our membership. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Pam Kovacevich
CEO, Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

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